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  Loyalty Newtown

Loyalty Newtown is a proposal for the implementation of a loyalty scheme for Newtown, aimed at promoting and supporting local businesses.

For the past few months, All About Newtown has been working on a proposal for a digital loyalty scheme for Newtown.

Our scheme would be powered by a digital loyalty card (using Apple Wallet/Google Pay), using QR code technology. We've cracked the technology, now we just need to know if you as a resident, or a business would use such a system.

Now we'd love your thoughts on our proposal. You can download our proposal paper below.

  Proposal Paper    Letter to Businesses


We believe a loyalty scheme could:

  • Promote Local Businesses The primary goal of the digital loyalty scheme is to support and promote local businesses by encouraging residents and visitors to shop locally.
  • Drive Customer Loyalty By offering rewards for purchases and incentivizing repeat visits, the scheme aims to foster long-term customer loyalty among participants.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement The mobile app will provide a platform for businesses to engage directly with their customers, enabling personalized offers, notifications, and updates.
  • Data Collection The digital loyalty scheme will collect anonymous customer data, allowing businesses to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviours for targeted marketing strategies.

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