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General Election 24: Steve Witherden

We caught up with Labour candidate, Steve Witherden, who is seeking your votes in the upcoming general election.

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We caught up with Labour candidate, Steve Witherden, who is seeking your votes in the upcoming general election.

Why should voters support you and Labour?

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My name is Steve Witherden and I am standing as your Welsh Labour candidate in our new constituency of Montgomeryshire and Glyndŵr.

The future of Montgomeryshire and Glyndŵr is truly personal to me: I live here; I teach pupils from here; and my own children go to school here.

Our new constituency has grown and now stretches from Llangurig in the south, through Newtown and up to Rhosllanerchrugog and Ruabon in the north. East to west we go from Machynlleth to Churchstoke.

One third of voters now live in the Glyndŵr part of the constituency which changes the political landscape and makes us a Conservative-Labour marginal. Please look for yourself at the dozens of polls and tactical voting websites. They all say the same thing.

We desperately need change. We need an end to the chaos of the last 14 years. We need economic stability, jobs and opportunities for the young, and an end to the cost of living crisis ripping through our communities.

We need to address the climate emergency, clean up our rivers, create Great British Energy for clean green power and set up a National Wealth Fund to invest profits into tackling climate change. We also need to work with businesses and farmers to revitalise our high streets and grow the local economy.

Newtown is a great place to live, work and visit. On my visits to Newtown, I have met many of the voluntary organisations working to make life better for local people.

Their dedication and hard work inspires me. But we must get to the root cause of many of the problems here and that is a lack of money, resources, and opportunities. I would advocate for an expansion of the college and would work with local businesses to bring prosperity back to the town. I will implement Labour’s plan to revitalise our high streets, which you can read about here.

We also need to ensure that the new health hub is built and the services at the hospital are expanded to bring care closer to home.

We have so much that needs changing. That change will start with this election.

A vote for Labour is a vote for change. 

The candidates in the running for your votes in Montgomeryshire & Glyndwr are:

  • Jeremy Brignell-Thorp (Green Party)
  • Oliver Lewis (Reform UK)
  • Glyn Preston (Liberal Democrat)
  • Elwyn Vaughan (Plaid Cymru)
  • Craig Williams (TBC)
  • Steve Witherden (Labour)
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