Town Council hits back at criticism

Town Council hits back at criticism

By All About Newtown

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Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council has responded to claims that the 'council doesn't do much to make this town attractive to visitors'

As reported last week, Health Loaded Ltd is shutting up shop in Newtown which leads to a big loss to our town centre. The small business has been providing tasty nutritious meals to visitors for the past few years and is situated in the former Cambrian Vaults.

In response to their closure, the business commented to the press:

"It's very hard to make a profit in this town for hospitality businesses like ours," the business said. "To keep going we need more customers.

"Our council doesn't do much to make this town attractive for visitors. If we have good attractions for young people and families, I believe every business in town will be happy. But they did nothing, only what they want is peace and quiet but that way it's no good for small town business which is heart of the town. It's a shame."

After confirming with Health Loaded that the Council reference was to the Town Council, put those comments directly to the Town Council for a response.

The Town Clerk, Ed Humphries responded:

"It's unlikely that any individual or organisation has a monopoly on good ideas or the backing of the community to put them into practice, and the town council welcomes constructive ideas and backing from anyone, as the community Place Plan demonstrated.  Now there is another ideal opportunity to be involved through the embryonic Town Partnership of Business, Public, and Voluntary interests.  It's not too late to express an interest in making a constructive contribution if anyone would line to contact any of the town councillors."

Over the last years, the town council has attempted to improve the high street with various projects such as the Growing Newtown project, which saw High Street redeveloped; a consultant led re-branding exercise which is still to report the findings; a redeveloped destination playpark costing hundreds of thousands of pounds and hosting and supporting events such as the Food Festival and Walking Newtown Festival.

What do you think? Can the Town Council be doing more to make Newtown an attractive place for visitors?

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