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New river crossing installed

The new cycle and pedestrian active travel bridge in Newtown was lifted into place today.

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Photo: the newest crossing on the River Severn (Credit: From Above Drone Photography)


The new cycle and pedestrian active travel bridge in Newtown was lifted into place today.

Funded by Welsh Government with support from Transport for Wales, the steel, single span, open arch structure spans approximately 53 metres and connects the riverside path and communities on the west of the River Severn to Pool Road on the east.

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Initally planned for last Thursday, the lifting of the new bridge was delayed due to weather.

However this afternoon saw the right conditions and the bridge was lifted into place, watched by a big crowd.

Initially fabricated and painted offsite, the individual sections of bridge were delivered to Kirkhamsfield Depot and assembled to create the full superstructure. Alongside the construction of the steelwork, groundworks to complete the foundations and creation of the abutments on each side of the river have also been completed.

The bridge will create a safe active travel link between the communities, businesses and amenities on each side of the river. This project will add to the growing network of active travel routes throughout the county and will make it easier for the people of Newtown to make short journeys such as to work, school or the local shops, by bike or on foot, rather than having to get in the car.

It is anticipated that the bridge will be open to cyclists and pedestrians later in the summer, with an official opening planned for early Autumn.

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