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Local councillor hits out at Cabinet

County councillor Joy Jones has hit out at the Council's Cabinet ahead of a final decision on closing Treowen C.P. School, with pupils transferring to Ysgol Calon y Dderwen.

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County councillor Joy Jones has hit out at the Council's Cabinet ahead of a final decision on closing Treowen C.P. School, with pupils transferring to Ysgol Calon y Dderwen.

This coming week, Powys County Council's Cabinet will make a final decision on plans to increase the capacity of the proposed new school building at Ysgol Calon y Dderwen so that pupils from Treowen C.P. School can also be included.

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It is the intention that, from September 2025, Ysgol Calon y Dderwen would be extended to include the current building Treowen C.P. School building.

Pupils currently attending Treowen C.P. School would continue to attend school in the existing Treowen building until the new building at Ysgol Calon y Dderwen is ready.

When the new building opens, the Treowen site would close and all pupils would move to the new school building on the current Ysgol Calon y Dderwen site.

Local county councillor for the area, Cllr Joy Jones has hit back at the plans, with her comments being included in the agenda papers.

In it, she states that Treowen "is very important to the community" and "it is not just a building on an estate, but a hub for the community".

Earlier this year, Cabinet gave the go-ahead for a statutory notice to be published formally proposing the change, which was published in May. During the statutory notice period, 38 objections were received.

Her full comments are produced below.

"I would like to fully object to the closure of Treowen school."

"This school is very important to the community and it's part of the structure of the Treowen  estate. " 

"It is not just a building on an estate, but it is a hub for the community and for young parents and families. It is a central point. That brings people together in the community and can be used for various activities and a meeting place, where events and fete are held etc"

"The parents of Treowen have fought very hard to try to raise the profile of the school and make you all aware of how importance it is, not just themselves but to other families in the future."

"As PCC continues to build new houses in Newtown it makes no sense to remove a school that has a good reputation and has provided a great start and education to so many children over many years."

"The school is chosen by lots of families with children with extra needs as it is a smaller environment, which is very nurturing, feeling safe and caring and provides a 
great standard of education."

"This not only helps the child, but it helps the parents who are often anxious and feel that larger schools not the appropriate place for their child as they are afraid that they will get lost within it and be left behind, become overwhelmed, stressed, and not want to attend mainstream school. Smaller schools offer more individual attention to pupils and families."  

"In smaller schools also, there is often far less bullying and distraction." 

"Families should be allowed choice as they know their children and their abilities and what they want for their children." 

"The closure of this school is leading to many parents questioning whether they want their children left in mainstream and are thinking of deregistering their children completely. We already have a lot of children in the Newtown area that are not on the school deregister due to parents not having the choice that they need and will desire for their children and because the child was unable to cope in larger school environment."

"Now with the build of this new school you will just making the school environment even bigger and more threatening to some individuals both the parent and the child."

"Local support for Treowen school to remain is overwhelming."

"Please reconsider this discussion which will damage a community and the public trust in the council as they feel it has been a done deal from day one and the consultations have only been to conform to the law of how a closure can be upheld."

"I do NOT support the closure of Treowen School Please don't ignore the pleas of the parents and the community who have tried to show with a petition and letters,  their strength of Objection to the closure."

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