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Craig vows to fight on

Local candidate, Craig Williams has released a video in which he vows to continue on for your votes.

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Local candidate, Craig Williams has released a video in which he vows to continue on for your votes.

After the shock news this morning that the Conservative Party had pulled it's support for Mr Williams - he has released a video statement on his social media accounts, vowing to continue on. In his video he confirms he will remain on the ballot paper and is co-operating with enquiries from the Gambling Commission.

Craig Williams vows to continue on after his support from the Conservative Party was dropped.

In the video he also says:

“In all these things due process is important and that is what sets the UK apart form other countries and the Commission must be allowed to do its work."

“It has been a privilege for me to be a member of parliament in the constituency where I was born raised and now live with my young family"

"I have been working hard helping thousands of constituents with our team form everything form benefits to housing, from potholes to energy bills as well as securing unprecedented investment in our local businesses, communities and high streets."

"For now thought the most important thing I want to say to you today is I am committed to my campaign to be elected as your member of parliament and staunch champion."

"Finally a huge thank you for everyone who has reached out, comes up to the office and still lends me your support this week and today. It’s now over to you the electorate of Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr, it is your decision."

Earlier, Powys County Council released a statement confirming Mr Williams will remain on the ballot paper.

Emma Palmer, Acting Returning Officer for Powys County Council said:

"Acting Returning Officers have no legal powers to amend a ballot paper or stop an election in these circumstances."

"Everything must continue as planned in line with electoral law."

If a candidate who has had party support withdrawn is elected, the result stands. They take office in the usual way and can either serve as an independent Member of Parliament, join a political party or resign the seat.

If an MP changes party affiliation a by-election is not automatically triggered. If they chose to resign, a by-election would be held. If they wanted to, they would be able to stand in the by-election as an independent candidate or for another political party.

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